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Which math workbook series is right for me?

Parents and teachers often purchase all three series (Common Core, Introducing Math, and Brain Hunter Daily Practice) since all of our questions in the workbooks are different and offer many practice problems. Both the Common Core and Introducing Math series are highly favored because of the digital access to the video explanations. At the end of the day, you will not go wrong picking any of our series.


Common Core

Common Core

Our Common Core series workbooks are broken into 20 weeks of curriculum. Each week covers a particular common core standard and each week consists of 6 days of practice. Parents and teachers can easily navigate this workbook to assign students a particular topic. Each workbook includes roughly 600+ high-quality practice questions. Tips are included on the bottom of every page and there is an end-of-year assessment at the back of the workbook. You can also find detailed video explanations taught by an instructor for every question in the workbook that can be accessed on our website. The video explanations to the workbook are always 100% free with the purchase of any of our Common Core series workbooks.

Introducing MATH!

Introducing MATH!

Our Introducing Math series workbooks are divided into chapter units. The main difference in this workbook is each topic has an overview so students can learn about the topic they are about to practice. Students are provided with an overview followed by a practice example and then led by practice questions. Students also have ample space to show their work. Similar to the Common Core series, all of our Introducing Math workbooks come with detailed video explanations taught by an instructor for every question in the workbook that can be accessed on our website. The video explanations to the workbook are always 100% free with the purchase of any of our Introducing Math series workbooks.

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Brain Hunter Prep

Our Brain Hunter Daily Practice series workbooks are divided into chapter units. Each workbook consists of 450+ high-quality practice questions. Tips are included on the bottom of every page and there is an end-of-year assessment at the back of the workbook. The Brain Hunter Daily Practice series does not have video explanations like our Common Core and Introducing Math series. Instead, in the back of the workbook you can find detailed answer explanations on how to solve the problem.




Bought Frogyogi for my daughter. She is 17 months old. We love how simple and bright the book is. You are traveling around the world, meeting different animals with Frogyogi, and making different postures throughout the journey. My baby loves the pictures in the book. She can make different sounds of animals while I practice postures. She is also repeating after me some of the yoga positions. I would definitely recommend this book for kids and their parents!

Natasha Testimonial


My boys ages 9 and 6 really love these books. The best indication is when your kid comes home and asks to do math. I highly recommend these workbooks and will be using this brand religiously.



This is the perfect book for beginners. My son started to do math with pleasure. He is just in kindergarten. So, we want tell a huge thanks to the authors and recommend to all parents to buy it for their own kids.


Olga Testimonial


When I bought the math book for 1st Grade, I loved it so much, that I ordered Grades 2, 3, 4 and 5. I am very happy to see how my son is excited to do his math homework now! Great choice for home schooling kids as well. You can use this book as extra math work for your kids, let them think, count, draw and even color funny illustration this book filled with. It has 600 questions and almost 300 pages! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.



Great book! My son is 19 months old. His attention span is very very short. He can’t sit still for more than two minutes. I like that this book has both colorful pictures for him to look at and listen to the story and get up and do some yoga poses. He loves to repeat poses after mama. So, this book is good for parents and kids!



Great book for kids and their parents to learn about the basic yoga practices. Colorful, interactive, fun to read and practice! My daughter enjoys it and loves the main character - Froggy.



We enjoy using the workbooks. We do one week a day. It allows us to review the materials we learned earlier. The structure of the workbook is very easy to follow. Each week there is a new topic that builds on the previous lessons. We like the tip of the day and that there is an answer key at the end of the book.



We love this book so much !!!!! It has fun poses for kids with stories and it’s great way to introduce yoga to the kids. It’s bright, has beautiful illustration and interesting stories. My two kids 2.9 and 5 years old love to do all these poses which is in a book. Happy with purchase. Thank you !

Kate Testimonial

Ordered two math books for 5th and 6th grades. I do one page per day with my son and he really loves it! I like the way they are created. It makes the studying process much easier and interesting. Thank you!


Excellent math book for my 1st grade daughter. She immediately began to solve problems and she really likes it. In the book you can improve both reading and math skills, which make children think and continue to grow.

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Kristina Thompson

We pulled our daughter out of public school mid-way through 6th grade. We began homeschooling instead. One of the reasons we chose this route was because the math instruction was terrible. The confusing methods used in common core had caused great damage to our daughter's math ability and confidence.

I made some progress teaching her math from some decent textbooks, but what she really needed was a lot more practice. This workbook fits the bill well!

The problems are well-designed so that they work out elegantly without a lot of "grunt work." Fun illustrations of planets, rockets, aliens, and other astronomical phenomenon on every page are entertaining to kids and adults alike.

The problems are also fun. I have a math education that includes seven college-level courses (four levels of calculus, differential equations, matrices & linear algebra, etc.), and still I have to slow down and think for a minute about how to best approach some of these problems, since they ask atypical questions.

My daughter and I sit down together and I let her work the problems, asking me for clarification when she gets stuck. At first she lacked confidence and asked for help on every single problem. But after doing the first problem set, she began to work most of them on her own, and even admitted that some of them were fun!

I cannot praise this workbook enough, and only wish that there were more workbooks written like this.

Lorenza Diaz Testimonial

Lorenza Diaz

Since 2013 I have been teaching Grades 1-5, and before Grades 6-7. A lot of materials went through my hands and there are many good books out there. Recently I came across Introducing MATH! series and like it very much. Their concept is funny, interactive, engaging and educational. I have all grades from 1 to 5. Each grade has corresponding topics, each topic has introduction manual and then set of problems, followed by chapter tests. Here is small list of what I like about these books:

1. Size (300+ pages of problems)
2. Space (child has enough space to write and reason their thoughts)
3. Video Explanations (this is an amazing concept, all 600 questions has video tutorials)
4. Illustrations (Space and alien theme is very appealing to kids.)
5. Amount of topics covered.

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Melissa Kassel