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It is perfect book for beginners. My son start to do math with pleasure, but he is just in kindergarten. So we want tell huge thanks to author and recommend to all parents buy it for own kids.

Olga Testimonial


When I've bought math book for 1st Grade, I loved it so much, that I ordered all of them, Grade 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th!!! Im very happy to see how my son is excited to do his math homework now! Great choice for home schooling kids as well ! And you can use this book as extra math work for your kids, let them think, count, draw and even color funny illustration this book filled with. Its 600 questions and almost 300 pages! Very, very great and serious work was done to make this math book! I LOVE all of them !!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!!

Kate Testimonial

Ordered two math books for a 5th and 6th grades.I do one page per day with my son and he really loves it!I like the way they are created, it makes studying process more easier and interesting. Thank you!

Natasha Testimonial


My boys ages 9 and 6 really love those books. Math can be fun with those books. Best indication when you kid comes home and asks to do math. I highly recommend them.

Lorenza Diaz Testimonial

Lorenza Diaz

Since 2013 I have been teaching Grades 1-5, and before Grades 6-7. A lot of materials went through my hands and a many good books out there. Recently I came across Introducing MATH! series and like it very much. Their concept is funny, interactive, engaging and educational. I have all grades from 1 to 5. Each grade has corresponding topics, each topic has introduction manual and then set of problems, followed by chapter tests. Here is small list of what I like about these books:

1. Size (its not small and tiny workbook)
2. Space (child have enough space to write and reason their thoughts)
3. Video Explanations (this is an amazing concept, all 600 questions has video tutorials)
4. Illustrations (Space and alien theme is very appealing to kids.)
5. Amount of topics covered.


Very excellent book for my 1th great daughter. She's immediately began to solve problem and she really like it. In the book you can improve both reading and math skills, which make children thinking.

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