Ready for the NEW redesigned Specialized High Schools Admissions Test?

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The Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) is an exam administered to students who are New York City residents in the 8th or 9th grade and would like to gain admissions into one of the New York City Specialized High Schools. The Specialized High School exam is administered in the fall. If you are a student interested in gaining admissions into one of the Specialized High Schools, we recommend to speak directly with your school counselor who can provide you specific information on how to sign up for the exam. 



The SHSAT is changing! If you are taking the Fall 2017 SHSAT Exam, you should be aware of the following changes so you can properly prepare for the exam. The old SHSAT test comprised of two sections: verbal and math. The verbal section included five scrambled paragraphs, followed by ten logical reasoning questions followed by 5 reading comprehension passages. The math section included 50 multiple choice questions. The time limit for the exam was 150 minutes.

So… what are the new changes you should be aware of?


The new time limit for the SHSAT exam is now 180 minutes. (30 minutes more than the old SHSAT exam)



Scrambled Paragraph.jpg


There is 57 questions per section (57 questions for ELA and 57 questions for Math). 47 out of 57 questions in each section will be scored. 10 questions are field test items which will not count toward the students score. Students will not know which 10 questions are classified as field test items. 


Verbal section is renamed to the English Language Arts (ELA) section. 


The ELA section will include 20 revising and editing questions along with 6 reading passages.


The math section will include 5 grid-in questions.



All multiple choice questions will have 4 answer choices instead of 5. 

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