Secrets of SHSAT Test Prep

Specialized High School Exam Test Prep (SHSAT) by Argo Brothers. Overview of SHSAT 2016 Exam.

This video reviews geometry, specifically area and circumferences of circles. We review three different types of questions that tend to show up on the exam.

This video reviews median, mode and range. Be sure to know the three terms. There is usually one or two questions on these three topics.

This video reviews Logical Reasoning, specifically Coding Games. You are guaranteed to see 2-3 questions that fall under the coding game. Remember! When doing these questions, always read the directions, as there can be two different directions.

This video reviews Logical Reasoning, specifically Conditional Statements (If/Then). Be sure to always find the Contrapositive statements by Negating and Switching the conditional statements. These type of questions always ask you, what "MUST" be true. Do not be tricked by answer choices that may be true.  

This video reviews statistics, specifically the average formula. Students should know how to manipulate the average formula, to answer the different types of questions they may be asked on the Specialized High School Exam.  

This video reviews percents and the different types of problems that tend to appear on the exam. Be sure to remember the word "is" means equal, and the word "of" means multiplication!

This video covers an important math trick that will help you save time. The average formula is tested every time on the Specialized High School exam, and knowing this trick and help you solve certain problems in less than 5 seconds!

This video reviews the Pythagorean Theorem and the different types of problems that may appear on the exam. 

This video reviews some math problems in the SHSAT test prep book. Some of the questions appear frequently on the exam, and other questions that are reviewed in this video, are considered to be a little more challenging that students should be familiar with.

This SHSAT test prep book is designed to help eighth graders achieve a higher score on the exam. The schools that this book prepares students for include The Bronx High School of Science, The Brooklyn Latin School, Brooklyn Technical High School, High School for Mathematics, Science and Engineering at City College, High School of American Studies at Lehman College, Queens High School for the Sciences at York College, Staten Island Technical High School, and Stuyvesant High School. 
This prep book provides:


  • Five full length practice exams with answer explanations
  • An advanced test with more in depth and challenging problems
  • Online score calculator for easier grading
  • 500 + questions and 120 + min video explanations



NOTE: This book includes an updated manual, video tutorial and certain revisions made from the First Edition. New practice exams will be available in the Third Edition. Videos will be available soon